Working With Us

The facilities of MINIC are open to all qualified users. We welcome potential projects from industrial and academic researchers.

Why use MINIC?

MINIC is a resource for companies and researchers that want to pursue work in nanoscience and microtechnology, but do not have the required tools or expertise. Some of our clients are small or startup technology firms that are working to develop prototypes for new designs, but lack the capital to invest in expensive cleanroom tools. Other clients are large companies that have their own installed fabrication tools but may have restrictions on the use of the company's cleanroom, for example because of capacity problems or issues with incompatible materials or processes. In these cases, MINIC can offer outsourced development labs with a diverse equipment set, expertise in making microdevices, and experience in device prototyping. For all our clients, MINIC offers easy fee-for-service usage, removing the obstacles of capital equipment acquisition, maintenance costs, and long-term commitments.


How to work with us

There are a number of ways to build your project at the facilities of MINIC. Contact us at 612 624-8005 or at to learn more.