Packaging for Micro Devices

MINIC’s packaging focus area is headed by the Center of Excellence for Advanced Electronic Design and Manufacturing (CAEDM) at North Dakota State University in Fargo.

Scientists, engineers, and staff from the Center work with NDSU students and faculty as well as researchers from federal and state agencies, companies, universities, and government laboratories. Established in 2002, the Center offers a range of core competencies, with a particular focus on microelectronics and coatings technologies.

The Center offers particular expertise in chip-scale and advanced packaging techniques.

The Center leverages advanced semiconductor packaging technology transferred from Tessera, Inc., an international leader in the electronics packaging industry, as well as in-house developed processes and technologies.

CAEDM's Research 2 facility includes 77,000 sf of cleanroom, laboratory and engineering spaces. It is affiliated with several NDSU Centers of Excellence, including: Microsensors and Electronics Miniaturization; Advanced Electronics Design and Manufacturing; Integrated Electronic Systems; Sensors, Communications and Control; and Surface Protection.

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